Hello Kitty Helmet

I saw this helmet at Toys R Us for just $15.98 and thought it was adorable for a little girl. Then, I saw this picture of a whole shelf full of Hello Kitty helmets and couldn’t resist posting. As an alternative, you could always just add a bunch of Hello Kitty stickers to your helmet too.

Hello Kitty Helmet for a Child 5 and Under
hello kitty helmet for a child
Courtesy of Toys R Us

A Shelf of Hello Kitty Helmets (Taiwan)
hello kitty helmets
Courtesy of misterbisson


1 Response to “Hello Kitty Helmet”

  1. 1 Maria from Finland November 8, 2008 at 10:01 am

    I’m looking for this kind of painting / stickers for my snomobile helmet.

    If I chose to use stickers, do you know what type I should use that they keep on even in -20 degrees? Do normal sticker be OK?

    Best would be a sticker made for that.

    Or the painting. I could do it myself, if I had sapluns to use.

    Do you have some info about where I could find what I’m looking for? What was the place you saw those addorrable Kitty helmets? Maybe I could contact them for the stickers.

    I would be most gratefull if you had time to answer me.

    Thank you and greetings from icy Finland!

    – Maria

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