Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital

The Hau Sheng Hospital in central Taiwan has created a complete Hello Kitty atmosphere for mothers giving birth there to ease the ordeal of labour. At first, I thought it might be overboard to create a Hello Kitty maternity hospital but then after about 2 whole minutes, I changed my mind. Hospitals can be so stale and well, not cheerful, to be in so why not make it cute and happy with Hello Kitty?

hello_kitty_maternity_hospitalWhat’s it like? Of course very pink! A statue of a Hello Kitty dressed as a doctor welcomes you and the nurses are dressed up in pink with kitty-themed aprons. The bedding, tables and decorations also feature Hello Kitty. The lucky newborns at the 30-bed hospital are wrapped in a Hello Kitty receiving blanket of pink or blue.

As a mommy, anything that’s comforting while stuck in the hospital is a welcome relief. There is something to be said about being surrounded by fun, playful images of Hello Kitty after you’ve been through a long emotional and physical ordeal. Having said that, it might have some of the opposite effect on my husband. It might just be a Hell-o Kitty Prison for him.

Read the Reuters article here.


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