Hello Kitty Lifesize Figures at Stores

I love Sanrio stores that have a big Hello Kitty figure welcoming you to the store. They usually have a fun playful aspect to them and well, are of course super adorably cute! Some of them have a theme while others just spread some cheer.

hello kitty store figure guardian
Courtesy of Nemo’s great uncle

hello kitty store figure traveler
Courtesy of morethanreal

hello kitty store figure panda
Courtesy of ferrando

hello kitty store figure in kimono
Courtesy of cactusbeetroot

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1 Response to “Hello Kitty Lifesize Figures at Stores”

  1. 1 Jaime October 15, 2009 at 6:27 am

    Wow!!!! The one who designed Hello Kitty was a genius!!! She’s cute and beautiful and timeless and has a great and untarnished reputation.

    Love your site!!!! It’s all things Hello Kitty!

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