Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

For you crafty kitties out there, you might want to get your hands on one of these Hello Kitty sewing machines.

hello kitty sewing machine red
Courtesy of maleva gotica

hello kitty sewing machine green
Courtesy of mystereys, Available at Target here for $98.99 US

hello kitty sewing machine pinl
Courtesy of Cláudia*~Assad

hello kitty sewing machine blue
Courtesy of Kevin

hello kitty lockstitch sewing machine
Available at Target here for $49.99 US

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2 Responses to “Hello Kitty Sewing Machine”

  1. 1 prima January 11, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    hii i’ve seen the 2nd and 5th sewing machines but do yu have any idea where i can find the other 3?? i started looking fer a new sewing machine and then i came across the 2nd one and i was like NOOO WAYY….i really wanna get one >.<
    the other's are sooo much cuter though! if yu have any idea please lemme no!

    BTW i loove this bloggg ahhh

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