Sanriotown’s Hello Kitty Scrapbook Contest

SanrioTown (an official Sanrio site) is having a fun contest where you see a bunch of photo slides and you have to identify which Sanrio character is in each one.  The catch is that the photos are cropped so you only see a part of each character.  I posted the video below.  They’re currently on batch 2.  Entries are due by May 31st.   The winner gets a Limited Edition Hello Kitty 1GB Memory Stick.

hello kitty 1gb memory stick

If you think you know who is who, send an email in this format:


slide 11 – Hello Kitty
slide 12 – Pochacco
slide 13 – My Melody
slide 14 – Little Twin Stars
slide 15 – We Are Dinosaurs
slide 16 – Dokidoki Yummychums
slide 17 – Cinamoroll
slide 18 – Mimmy
slide 19 – Pandaba
slide 20 – Minna no Tabo

See the video at SanrioTown.


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