Hello Kitty T-Shirts by Mighty Fine

I’m always on the lookout for stores that sell Hello Kitty and I was just contacted by Mighty Fine who makes funky t-shirts (long and short sleeves).  My favourite is definitely the “I love nerds” one…yes, I’m in tune with my inner nerdiness. 🙂  I love how they embraced Kitty too with the model.  It’s quirky and fun.

They have also offered 25% off if you use promo code hkrainbow2 from August 31 to September 14, 2010. Prices range from $22 to $30 US.

Mighty Fine ships worldwide too!  I had to ask especially for my fellow Canadian kitty fans, I know we always want to know if they ship to us.  They’re based in the USA.

Their newest shirt is their Double Cupcakes shirt. Take a look:

hello kitty doublecupcake t-shirt

Here are some more favourites of mine:

hello kitty i love nerds shirt hello kitty play t-shirt

hello kitty single lady t-shirt hello kitty yellow t-shirt

Big thanks to Zivia!


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