Hello Kitty Luxe Links

I just got my Hello Kitty Luxe Link 2 days ago and it’s a great device that keeps purses off the ground when you’re at a restaurant. I hate it when I’ve got a purse and the chair has a rounded back so I can’t hang my purse off it. It always seems to happen when you’re at a table with no extra seat or space to put your bag so you end up putting it behind you. Not comfy at all!

Anyways, this cute little tool is small but perfectly designed to give a girl some help. Here are the 6 Hello Kitty Luxe Link styles:

hello kitty luxe links

They’re about 4.5 cm (1.75″) across so they’re pretty small. You uncoil the outside and it allows you to hang your purse off a table like this:

hello kitty luxe link with purse

When you’re not using it, you can toss it in your bag or hang it off one of your purse straps like this:

hello kitty luxe link on purse

It locks in place so you don’t have to worry about it falling off either. I found it very sturdy.

The packaging is Hello Kitty divine too. Here’s how I received it:

hello kitty luxe link box

hello kitty luxe link box open

hello kitty luxe link

It also came with handy instructions on how to use your Hello Kitty Luxe Link:

hello kitty luxe link instructions

The links are $38.00 US for the regular Hello Kitty Luxe Links and $82.00 US for the Swarovski ones.

Thanks to everyone at Luxe Links who took the care to send me one to try out! 🙂


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