Sanrio Foundation

sanrio foundationI think it’s wonderful when a company lends money, their name or anything else they can to worthy causes. I’m happy to post the following press release from the Sanrio Foundation to spread the news of their charitable contribution to hospitals all over the world.

As a mom, I know that when my child is sick, often he’ll cuddle his teddy bear or tiger. And, whenever we’ve had to go to the children’s hospital, that the decoration really adds to the feeling of calm and safety a child (and their parents) feel when they’re there.  I love that Sanrio it donating money, time and gifts for patients.

Here’s the official pres release:

Sanrio is proud to announce that in October 2010 the Sanrio Foundation was established.

The main mission of Sanrio Foundation is to bring smiles and help to children in hospitals around the world.

Sanrio Foundation brings Hello Kitty mascot and other Sanrio characters to the hospitals, where theyinteract with little patients by distributing small gifts, taking pictures and even organising birthdaycelebrations for the most needing ones.

In the more underprivileged countries, Sanrio Foundation supports the hospitals themselves by donatingthe primary necessities and essential products. The image of Sanrio’s characters is also given free to thehospitals to decorate children’s rooms and spaces or producing social purpose products. Anything to makechildren’s stay at the hospital less painful.

Sanrio Foundation will operate in different countries working with local charity organisations to reach thebiggest possible number of hospitals as well as collaborating on common projects, fund‐raisings and socialactivities.

Sanrio Foundation has moved its first steps in 2010 by visiting the hospitals in Italy, Romania and Ukraine.

Roberto Lanzi, the President of the Foundation declares: “I will be thankful to Sanrio for all my life for givingme the possibility of taking care of the Foundation. I have been active in charity since I was 15 and, pleasebelieve me, there is nothing in our life that can you give you more satisfaction than this, no cars, boats,watches and money can give us more than a smile of a kid.”

Sanrio has been involved in many different charity programmes over the years. The structure of thecompany as social communication business as well as its philosophy “Small Gift Big Smile” show howimportant for Sanrio is bringing smiles and spreading happiness. Hello Kitty, the most popular Sanrio character has been a Unicef ambassador and friend of children since 1983.

Sanrio Foundation would like to thank all for the support received so far and it hopes to be able to bringsmiles to all needing children with even more subsidy.

Hello Kitty hospital tour


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  1. 1 Sammy February 21, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    It’s good to hear that the company gives back.

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