Hello Kitty Candies at T&T Chinatown

At T&T, a large Chinese supermarket in Vancouver, you can often find Hello Kitty candy and snacks.  Below are some photos of several I saw earlier this week.  I especially love the Hello Kitty tin which you could reuse for storing other things.  A lot of these items would be perfect for a Hello Kitty party too.

hello kitty candy 1

hello kitty candy 2

hello kitty candy 3

hello kitty candy 4

hello kitty candy 5

hello kitty pocky

hello kitty snack food

hello kitty lollipops blue

hello kitty lollipops pink

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1 Response to “Hello Kitty Candies at T&T Chinatown”

  1. 1 Michelle August 30, 2012 at 11:02 am


    Im currently planning a HK themed party for my baby girl. I was wondering if the T&T in Metrotown has any HK or is it only in Chinatown?
    Thanks. Love all the great ideas and tips on your site!”””

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