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20% Off All Hello Kitty at Artbox on November 1st

Big news from Artbox! For 24 hours on November 1st, the UK based company is offering 20% off all Hello Kitty products to celebrate Hello Kitty’s birthday. This is their third year and apparently it’s their busiest day. What perfect timing for Christmas shopping! You need to use this to get your discount:

20% Discount Voucher: HKBD
Valid: November 1, 2010 only (remember that’s UK time)

I checked their shipping options and they do ship internationally. Just keep in mind that your country may have other taxes or duties added on top of your purchase.

Here are some of the Hello Kitty items I saw on their site:

Hello Kitty baby sleeping bag for £36.00:
hello kitty baby sleeping bag

Hello Kitty beanie – watermelon for £6.20:
hello kitty beanie - watermelon

Hello Kitty cabin luggage for £180.00 (and I know a lot of you will want this because I always get asked about Kitty luggage!):
hello kitty cabin luggage

Hello Kitty Christmas bauble set for £17.00:
hello kitty christmas bauble set

Hello Kitty cookie cutter set for £23.50 (another item I get asked about lots so don’t miss out if you’ve been looking for this):
hello kitty cookie cutter set

Thanks to Thomas from Artbox for letting me know about the sale! 🙂

Hello Kitty Dressed Up as Other Sanrio Characters

Like another level of cuteness, Sanrio is selling Hello Kitty dressed up as other favourite Sanrio characters like Chococat, Pochacco, Badtz-Maru and Tuxedosam. This is part of Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary.  You can get dolls, cushions, cups, lunchboxes and keyrings.  Prices ranged from 7.95 for a keyring to $24 for a cushion.

hello kitty as chococat plush hello kitty as pochacco plush

hello kitty as keroppi plush hello kitty as tuxedosam plush

hello kitty lunchbox hello kitty as badtz-maru pillow

hello kitty as badtz-maru plush hello kitty as my melody keyring

hello kitty as my melody plush

hello kitty glasses

Hello Kitty Maui — Last Pics

I have a bunch of random Hello Kitty items I saw in Maui…so here, finally, are the last photos from my holiday.

Sanrio Store at Queen Ka’ahumanu mall:

sanrio store maui

sanrio store maui - easter dolls

From the Maui ABC Store:

hello kitty hawaii pens

hello kitty nail filers

hello kitty nail filers

hello kitty toothbrushes

hello kitty keycaps

Hello Kitty Dolls from Maui

Here are a collection of Hello Kitty dolls I saw all around Maui. They came from Macy’s, ABC Stores and a toy store at Whalers Market.

hello kitty doll hawaiian

hello kitty doll easter and hawaii

hello kitty doll st. patrick's

I bought this one for my friend’s birthday which was yesterday:
hello kitty doll with strawberry

hello kitty doll plaid and classic

Hello Kitty at H&M, Winter 2010 Part 1

I went shopping yesterday for a baby shower gift for my cousin’s soon-to-be born little girl. H&M has the best selection of Hello Kitty kids clothes (sorry, nothing for us older Kitty fans) so I headed over there. There was so much stuff so I’m breaking up the pictures into 2 parts plus 1 part on Hello Kitty iron-on-patches I saw there.

This is the dress I bought for my niece. I couldn’t resist it!
hello kitty h&m jean dress

hello kitty h&m headbands

hello kitty h&m hoodie

hello kitty h&m long sleeve shirt

hello kitty h&m starry t-shirt

hello kitty h&m striped shirt

hello kitty h&m sweatshirt set

hello kitty h&m swimsuit

hello kitty h&m ballet tutu

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Hello Kitty at H&M
Hello Kitty at H&M Part 2

Hello Kitty at H&M Fall 2009 Part 2

Here are the rest of the Hello Kitty items from H&M.  I bought the slippers for my friend’s daughter to go along with some Hello Kitty pajamas from Target.  I think the smallest size was 5/6.  By the way, everything Hello Kitty at H&M is pretty much for little kids.  Unless you’re a small-ish adult, you probably won’t fit most of the Kitty stuff there.

hello kitty slippers at H&M

hello kitty girl boxers at H&M

hello kitty hats and mittens at H&M

hello kitty tote bag at H&M

hello kitty underwear briefs at H&M

hello kitty underwear sets at H&M

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House of Kitty Store — 50% Off Starting July 13

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that my online store House of Kitty (update:  store is closed now) is closing down. This blog is still going to stay up so please keep coming back! 🙂

The sale starts at 10 am Pacific Standard Time on July 13, 2009. Everything will be 50% off.

hello kitty 50_percent off  everything starting july 13

Hello Kitty Baby Bear Product Line

The last time I had to buy Hello Kitty items for our store, we got this pamphlet on a line called Hello Kitty Baby Bear and all I wanted to do was order tons of it!  I’m completely biased toward baby stuff because I’m a mommy. Ironically I can’t buy any of it for myself because I have a son and he’s a bit too old anyways (almost 3). My nieces though, heheh, be ready for some Hello Kitty love.

hello kitty baby bear dishware set
$23.99 Cdn at the House of Kitty Store

hello kitty baby bear diaper bag
$54.50 Cdn at the House of Kitty Store

hello kitty baby bear die cut bib
$9.95 Cdn at the House of Kitty Store

hello kitty baby bear die cut bib pink
$9.95 Cdn at the House of Kitty Store

hello kitty baby bear bib and towel gift set
$60.99 Cdn at the House of Kitty Store

hello kitty baby bear pull down musical plush
$28.00 US at the Sanrio Store

hello kitty baby bear toddler backpack
$19.50 US at the Sanrio Store

hello kitty baby bear baton
$8.50 US at the Sanrio Store

What Happens When A Hello Kitty Shipment Arrives

I’ve got a Hello Kitty online store and thought I’d write about what it’s like.

On Monday I picked up 3 boxes of Hello Kitty products. I have to admit this is one of my favourite moments…opening up each box and seeing everything. When I order products, most of the items I choose just have a small thumbnail image so I’m guessing at the size of things.  There were a few surprises.  The wallets were bigger than I guessed. The 5-rollers-in-1 stampers were smaller than I thought. I really bought a lot of stampers this time!

hello kitty stampers

Anyways, it takes a long time to go through everything.  I have to 1) check to make sure nothing is damaged, 2) makes sure we get the correct amounts of each item, 3) take pictures of each item, 4) weigh each item for the online shipping calculator and 5) measure each item so customers know what size they’re getting and also for shipping estimates.

My theory is if I were to buy online, I’d want as much info as possible to make the right purchase decision.  I find a lot of sites just show one picture at one angle.  I prefer to take pictures from lots of angles.  For instance, if you were thinking of buying a bag wouldn’t you look at it from all different sides, look inside and then see how many pockets there are for your things?  I definitely would! Where would I put my cell phone, my keys, etc.?!

Anyways, after the initial 5 steps, I usually take the photos and clean them up so the background looks nicer. Then, I post the items on the store and figure out pricing.

Because I’m short on time, I’ll be releasing items in batches so make sure you check out my store at House of Kitty (update:  the store is now closed). Here’s a sneak peek at some of the products. 🙂

I love the cell phone stand and the string of lights!  Definitely 2 of my favourites.

hello kitty products

We get lots of questions of cookie cutters, so here’s a new one!

hello kitty products

Last order, we got some extra pamphlets for new Hello Kitty baby items.  Here’s a few that we bought:

hello kitty products

My attempt at an artistic pic:
hello kitty die cut mugs

Update: If you like the mugs above, I found a place that sells them except with a red bow. You can find them at J-List here. 🙂

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Hello Kitty Baby Walker

I didn’t even know this existed, but in retrospect I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s such thing as a Hello Kitty walker. I’ve never seen one before, but it’s not hard to fall in love with it! It must be so expensive being a Hello Kitty fan and a mom with a daughter.

hello kitty baby walker
Courtesy of Phat J

Update:  A lot of people ask how much and where can I get the walker.  Sorry, I have only ever seen it through my source of this picture, Flickr user Phat J — see If you have a Flickr account or go and get a free account there, you can click on the link “Send flickr mail” to send her a message. If you don’t have an account, unfortunately, there isn’t another way to reach her that I know of. Good luck!

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