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Hello Kitty at Target

At Target, you can get adorable Hello Kitty clothes and accessories for little girls (I’m sure many mommies already know this!). I took some photos at the Target in Bellingham a short time ago.  I think the Hello Kitty swimsuits are the most kawaii.  Not too over the top, at least to me. 😉

hello kitty swimsuit in pink

hello kitty swimsuit

hello kitty shirt - peace and love

hello kitty shirt - love

hello kitty bag pink

Hello Kitty at Zara

Last weekend, I was at Zara on Robson Street (in Vancouver) and was surprised to find out they have some Hello Kitty clothes…just for junior girls.

In particular, I thought the junior girls’ Hello Kitty bras would be a nice introduction for a young girl transitioning to becoming a little lady.

hello kitty zara underclothes

hello kitty zara underwear 1

hello kitty zara underwear 2

hello kitty zara swimsuit

hello kitty zara flip flops

Hello Kitty x BabyLegs

babylegs and hello kittyJust yesterday, it was announced that BabyLegs and Sanrio have formed a partnership to bring Hello Kitty socks, tights and all other popular BabyLegs leg and arm warmers to stores this summer.
You can pre-order at Or, you can wait until they’re ready and order from or They’ll also be available at some department stores, specialty stores and select Sanrio stores. Pricesl are from $10 – $18 US.
In the fall, BabyLegs will also have My Melody, Badtz-Maru and Little Twin Stars products out too.
Personally, I think they’re adorable but not too overdone at least from the release photo. I think most girls (or at least their mom’s) wouldn’t want anything too busy.
By the way, if you love Hello Kitty socks/tights, you can also go to H&M.

Hello Kitty Clothes at Macy’s

Here are the adorable Hello Kitty clothes I saw at Macy’s in Seattle. Enjoy!

hello kitty sweaters

hello kitty pink hoodie

hello kitty pajamas

hello kitty coat

hello kitty dress

hello kitty skirt

More Hello Kitty from Target Burlington

Here are the rest of the items I saw at the Target store in Burlington.

These first 2 pics are from a section dedicated to Hello Kitty Girls Clothing:

hello kitty clothing department

hello kitty clothes

I found these super cute Hello Kitty socks in the clearance section.  I think they were just $1 each:

hello kitty socks

hello kitty backpack

My favourite find were these Hello Kitty slippers.  If only my niece was big enough to wear them, but she’s not even 2 months old:

hello kitty slippers

Mighty Fine’s Newest Hello Kitty Shirt Creations

Being a blogger, I couldn’t resist sharing the new Hello Kitty t-shirts designed by Mighty Fine. They feature Hello Kitty with some great liners about social media. Take a look:

hello kitty t-shirt designs by mighty fine

Here’s how the t-shirts actually look when you’re wearing them:

hello kitty unfriend you t-shirt

hello kitty smile t-shirt

hello kitty hello t-shirt

hello kitty cupcake like t-shirt

hello kitty being social t-shirt

Looking at these made me try to think of other one-liners like:

  • Why tweet when you can meow?
  • Status:  Catnapping

If you’ve got a good liner, post it below. 🙂

Hello Kitty T-Shirts by Mighty Fine

I’m always on the lookout for stores that sell Hello Kitty and I was just contacted by Mighty Fine who makes funky t-shirts (long and short sleeves).  My favourite is definitely the “I love nerds” one…yes, I’m in tune with my inner nerdiness. 🙂  I love how they embraced Kitty too with the model.  It’s quirky and fun.

They have also offered 25% off if you use promo code hkrainbow2 from August 31 to September 14, 2010. Prices range from $22 to $30 US.

Mighty Fine ships worldwide too!  I had to ask especially for my fellow Canadian kitty fans, I know we always want to know if they ship to us.  They’re based in the USA.

Their newest shirt is their Double Cupcakes shirt. Take a look:

hello kitty doublecupcake t-shirt

Here are some more favourites of mine:

hello kitty i love nerds shirt hello kitty play t-shirt

hello kitty single lady t-shirt hello kitty yellow t-shirt

Big thanks to Zivia!

Hello Kitty at Bellis Fair

I went to Bellis Fair about 2 to 3 weeks ago and there was a store near the food court that had some cool Hello Kitty goodies including the nerd Hello Kitty stuff.

hello kitty nerd necklace

hello kitty boxers

hello kitty HELLO t-shirt

hello kitty key cap

hello kitty hair clips and keychain

hello kitty earrings

hello kitty iphone cover

hello kitty sailor t-shirt

Create A Hello Kitty Doll

At FAO Schwarz in NYC, I found this “Create A Hello Kitty” kit where you get a Hello Kitty doll and get to sew a little outfit for her. The outfit is super adorable, don’t you think? It has a 50’s flair.

Create A Hello Kitty Doll

Create A Hello Kitty Doll

Hello Kitty Tokidoki T-Shirts from NYC

While I was shopping in Soho in NYC, there was a section of just Tokidoki shorts.  Here are some pics I took of Hello Kitty Tokidoki t-shirts.

hello kitty tokidoki t-shirt NYC

hello kitty tokidoki t-shirt NYC

hello kitty tokidoki t-shirt NYC