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Hello Kitty Wine

I got a great surprise in my email from Whitney who wrote:

Hey Emily!!

I am in LOVE with HK! Just this past weekend, the girls and I went out for a night on the town. As you can imagine, finding HK WINE made for a fabulous night! It was the absolute cutest thing. There are four different wines, “Angel” White Wine, “Devil” Red Wine, Sweet Pink and Brut Rose Champagne. I had never seen them before and had to stock up, they were moderately priced and surprisingly tasty. The images of Hello Kitty on the wine labels were just adorable. She is so sassy!

Here’s the photo:
hello kitty wines

So, I did some more research as I’m sure many of you Kitty fans might want to get your hands on this wine. I found them available from Wine from the Boot priced from $18.99 to $30.99.

The wine was a collaboration between Italian winemaker Tenimenti Castelrotto and Italian fashion company Camomilla. They thought Hello Kitty would be perfect for the wine industry because of her popular brand recognition and because so many women who loved her as a child have grown up and may want more mature products. The tagline for the wine products is actually:  “Our favourite girl has grown up.”

Personally, I suspect a lot of women will try this out especially at girls night out wine tasting events, bachelorette parties and bridal showers. And, I suspect some of you reading this are already itching to get your hands on the cute pendant dangling off the bottle. 😉

Here’s a picture of the other 2 wine options:

hello kitty wines

Can I buy Hello Kitty items direct from Japan?

I know it irks me sometimes when you can get really unique Hello Kitty products but only in Japan. But, it looks like someone has found a neat idea to fix that.  I just heard about  It’s a shopping site where all the products are from sellers in Japan (just everyday people) who are proficient in English.

Here are a few items that caught my eye (if the link doesn’t work, the item is probably not listed anymore):

Hello Kitty iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock – I just think this is so slick and cute looking at the same time.

hello kitty ipod or iphone speaker dock

Hello Kitty:  Gahapin x Mukku Pouch

hello kitty gachapin x mukku pouch

Hello Kitty Nori (Seaweed Snacks) – I love these!  My son and I are addicted to snacking on nori.  We always have some in the car!

hello kitty nori

Hello Kitty Color-A-Cookie

I just learned about a really fun Hello Kitty product called Hello Kitty Color-a-Cookie kit.  You get a kawaii Hello Kitty Cookie and markers to decorate your cookie.

This would be an awesome activity for a Hello Kitty birthday party…not that I needed to mention that to any mommies out there! 😉

According to Color-A-Cookies, they are available at supermarkets, convenience stores and gourmet stores all over the USA.  Typical retail prices are around $1.99 US.

If you’re interested in buying wholesale, you can contact Color-A-Cookie directly.

Hello Kitty Color-A-Cookie Kit

Or, you can buy a pack of 4 for

Hello Kitty Color-A-Cookie Kit

Hello Kitty Decorated Cookies

Hello Kitty Candies at Granville Island

At Granville Island, there’s a small candy shop that’s really old school. I mean you can scoop us some candies, put them in a bag and it gets weighed. Then, you get charged based on that. Love it! Anyways, while I was getting a few chewy candies for my son, I saw these Hello Kitty candies including 2 adorable pez dispensers (yet another throwback to my youth).

hello kitty candy

hello kitty pez

Hello Kitty Candies at T&T Chinatown

At T&T, a large Chinese supermarket in Vancouver, you can often find Hello Kitty candy and snacks.  Below are some photos of several I saw earlier this week.  I especially love the Hello Kitty tin which you could reuse for storing other things.  A lot of these items would be perfect for a Hello Kitty party too.

hello kitty candy 1

hello kitty candy 2

hello kitty candy 3

hello kitty candy 4

hello kitty candy 5

hello kitty pocky

hello kitty snack food

hello kitty lollipops blue

hello kitty lollipops pink

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Adorable Hello Kitty Cupcakes

I found these super adorable Hello Kitty and friends cupcakes.  The characters are made of fondant. I would love to learn how to makes these.  They were created by Ana Fuji at

hello kitty cupcakes 1
Courtesy of Ana_Fuji

hello kitty tokidoki cupcakes
Courtesy of Ana_Fuji

hello kitty cupcakes 2
Courtesy of Ana_Fuji

hello kitty cupcakes 3
Courtesy of Ana_Fuji

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Hello Kitty Cookies

Over the holidays, I made gingerbread cookies with my 4 year old son.  I snuck in a few Hello Kitty cookie shapes too.  I’ve actually had this cookie cutter for over a year and this is the first time I made it…we bake more muffins than cookies.  Anyways, the Hello Kitty cookies turned out really cute!

hello kitty cookie cutter

hello kitty cookies

hello kitty cookie

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Goodies

I just got back from Burlington and Seattle in the US. I took lots of Hello Kitty pictures which I’ll be posting over the next while. My first stop was at Target in Burlington. Here are photos of items you could use for a Hello Kitty Birthday Party including: invitations, gift bags (and cute stuff to put in them), plates and more.

hello kitty party invitations

hello kitty party pocket plates

hello kitty party plates napkins

hello kitty gift bags

I found these boxes in the clearance section of Target.  I think they would make a great alternative to gift bags:

hello kitty boxes side

hello kitty boxes top

hello kitty candy characters

It’s hard to tell but these are Hello Kitty compact mirrors:

hello kitty compact mirrors

I also found these in the clearance section too.  Guess what all the girls in my 4 year old’s class are getting in their Christmas goody bag? 🙂

hello kitty stationery

20% Off All Hello Kitty at Artbox on November 1st

Big news from Artbox! For 24 hours on November 1st, the UK based company is offering 20% off all Hello Kitty products to celebrate Hello Kitty’s birthday. This is their third year and apparently it’s their busiest day. What perfect timing for Christmas shopping! You need to use this to get your discount:

20% Discount Voucher: HKBD
Valid: November 1, 2010 only (remember that’s UK time)

I checked their shipping options and they do ship internationally. Just keep in mind that your country may have other taxes or duties added on top of your purchase.

Here are some of the Hello Kitty items I saw on their site:

Hello Kitty baby sleeping bag for £36.00:
hello kitty baby sleeping bag

Hello Kitty beanie – watermelon for £6.20:
hello kitty beanie - watermelon

Hello Kitty cabin luggage for £180.00 (and I know a lot of you will want this because I always get asked about Kitty luggage!):
hello kitty cabin luggage

Hello Kitty Christmas bauble set for £17.00:
hello kitty christmas bauble set

Hello Kitty cookie cutter set for £23.50 (another item I get asked about lots so don’t miss out if you’ve been looking for this):
hello kitty cookie cutter set

Thanks to Thomas from Artbox for letting me know about the sale! 🙂

Hello Kitty Fortune Cookie Maker

I found this Hello Kitty fortune cookie maker kit at Target in Bellis Fair (Bellingham, WA). It even comes with adorable Hello Kitty fortune cookie carry boxes that look like houses. I can’t quite figure out what is Hello Kitty about the actual cookies. If someone has this kit, please let me know. 🙂

hello kitty fortune cookie maker

hello kitty fortune cookie maker back