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Hello Kitty Shoes and More from Twenty10 Footwear

I’m excited to tell you all about the new Hello Kitty collection of shoes from Twenty10 Footwear who has been licensed by Sanrio to bring us some super adorable Women’s shoes. The collection will include ballet flats, pumps, sandals, rain boots, fur lined boots, sneakers and more!

Here are some examples:

hello kitty twenty10 sandals

Here’s the press release:

Lifestyle footwear line for women of all ages, holding exclusive licensing for Hello Kitty, is set to debut in Las Vegas.
Los Angeles, (July 11, 2011) – Los Angeles based Twenty10 Footwear will be offering a sneak preview of its Holiday 2011 and Spring 2012 exclusive Hello Kitty women’s footwear collection at the ENK WSA Show in Las Vegas, July 27-29.  Excited to be part of the revamped trade show, Twenty10 Footwear looks forward to the clout and attention that ENK brings to the new WSA show.
The anticipated debut of the Hello Kitty footwear line will feature small capsules of collections that exhibit the Hello Kitty spirit and will appeal to brand supporters of all ages.  Each capsule represents Hello Kitty’s travels around the world uniquely reflecting her personal style and taste and simultaneously offering something for everyone.  The collection will feature a full range of footwear styles including but not limited to:  form fitting ballet flats, tall but not too tall wedges, open-toe/platform/slingback pumps, versatile low and high boots for rain/surf/sand, athletic and casual sneakers, and a selection of sandals.
“There is no better platform to preview a new brand than at ENK WSA, its where footwear professionals will be.” said Alain Malka, owner of Twenty10 Footwear.  “The new merger of ENK WSA offers amazing exposure and brings together buyers and brands, and creates a thriving environment for building lasting relationships.”
The ENK WSA show will take place from July 27-29 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas.  Twenty10 Footwear will be exhibiting at booth #5108.  For more information on ENK WSA please visit
Founded in 2010 by Alain Malka, Twenty10 Footwear exclusively holds the Hello Kitty license for women’s footwear.  The Hello Kitty brand is a universal icon that has grown into one of the most identifiable brands worldwide, continually charming and appealing to women of all ages.  The seasonal line will offer a wide array of styles with something for every shopper.  Malka is bringing his 30+ years in the footwear industry to the brand and looks forward to as much success with Twenty10 Footwear as he received while building the Charles David brand.  Twenty10 Footwear will be found in top-tier department stores and boutiques across the globe, and looks forward to becoming a staple for Hello Kitty fans worldwide.  Photo-ready images for the media are available by emailing

Hello Kitty Fashion Magazine Launch

Some exciting news in the world of Hello Kitty! A new UK magazine just launched this month called Hello Kitty Fashion Magazine. Right on the cover is Lady Gaga in all her avant garde glory with a huge Hello Kitty bow in her hair:

hello kitty fashion magazine with lady gaga

Here’s a description I received from the magazine of what they’re all about:

Hello Kitty’s got style, originality and attitude and she’s bringing it all to her latest magazine. Hello Kitty Fashion is a quarterly 80 page publication, which will hit newsstands in the UK in July. The magazine, which is aimed predominantly at teenage girls and the older Hello Kitty fan, aims to bring it’s readers a fresh and exciting take on the teenage glossy mag. Hello Kitty Fashion is bursting with cool content, including top tips on how to create different Harajuku styles, an exclusive interview with Yuko Yamaguchi (Head designer at Hello Kitty HQ), loads of fab fashion and beauty tips and tons of cool Hello Kitty related content.

I’m also excited to mention that myself plus some other Hello Kitty fans from around the world were featured in their “Crazy About Kitty!” article. Here are some pics of the inside of the magazine:

hello kitty fashion magazine - coin purse

hello kitty fashion magazine - trendsetter

Here’s the beginning of the article I was in:

hello kitty fashion magazine - crazy about kitty

That’s me in the top picture:

hello kitty fashion magazine - crazy about kitty 2

I remember taking the picture.  I was trying to get my husband to wake up and take it for me, but he wouldn’t budge so I had to put the camera on a chair and use the timer. Glad it worked out ok!

So, if there are any Hello Kitty fans out there who get their hands on the magazine, I’d love to hear what you thought of it.

Hello Kitty Wine

I got a great surprise in my email from Whitney who wrote:

Hey Emily!!

I am in LOVE with HK! Just this past weekend, the girls and I went out for a night on the town. As you can imagine, finding HK WINE made for a fabulous night! It was the absolute cutest thing. There are four different wines, “Angel” White Wine, “Devil” Red Wine, Sweet Pink and Brut Rose Champagne. I had never seen them before and had to stock up, they were moderately priced and surprisingly tasty. The images of Hello Kitty on the wine labels were just adorable. She is so sassy!

Here’s the photo:
hello kitty wines

So, I did some more research as I’m sure many of you Kitty fans might want to get your hands on this wine. I found them available from Wine from the Boot priced from $18.99 to $30.99.

The wine was a collaboration between Italian winemaker Tenimenti Castelrotto and Italian fashion company Camomilla. They thought Hello Kitty would be perfect for the wine industry because of her popular brand recognition and because so many women who loved her as a child have grown up and may want more mature products. The tagline for the wine products is actually:  “Our favourite girl has grown up.”

Personally, I suspect a lot of women will try this out especially at girls night out wine tasting events, bachelorette parties and bridal showers. And, I suspect some of you reading this are already itching to get your hands on the cute pendant dangling off the bottle. 😉

Here’s a picture of the other 2 wine options:

hello kitty wines

Hello Kitty x Vans

If you’re a fan of Hello Kitty and Vans sneakers, you’re going to love hearing that they’ve partnered together. I was just walking by a store a few days ago and snapped this picture:

hello kitty vans shoes

There are 6 designs for kids and 6 designs for adult shoes (that’s right ladies and men, we can get them too!). These were my favorites:

hello kitty pink and black vans shoes


hello kitty black and red vans shoes

hello kitty colourful vans shoes

You can see all the designs and buy the Hello Kitty Vans shoes here.  Kids shoes cost $32 while adult sizes ranged in cost from $50 to $55. If you want to find a store that sells them, check out the Vans search tool here.  The Hello Kitty Vans line is limited edition and only came out this month.


Can I buy Hello Kitty items direct from Japan?

I know it irks me sometimes when you can get really unique Hello Kitty products but only in Japan. But, it looks like someone has found a neat idea to fix that.  I just heard about  It’s a shopping site where all the products are from sellers in Japan (just everyday people) who are proficient in English.

Here are a few items that caught my eye (if the link doesn’t work, the item is probably not listed anymore):

Hello Kitty iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock – I just think this is so slick and cute looking at the same time.

hello kitty ipod or iphone speaker dock

Hello Kitty:  Gahapin x Mukku Pouch

hello kitty gachapin x mukku pouch

Hello Kitty Nori (Seaweed Snacks) – I love these!  My son and I are addicted to snacking on nori.  We always have some in the car!

hello kitty nori

Hello Kitty Canucks Fan?

I knew it…Hello Kitty is a Vancouver Canucks fan!  Go Canucks Go!! 😉

hello kitty canucks

For those of you unfamiliar with hockey, it’s the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Canucks are in round 2 right now.  You have to play best out of seven games against 4 different teams.

Send Me Your Hello Kitty Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies Photos

hello kitty bakerHave you baked a Hello Kitty cake, cupcake or cookie that you want to share with the world? Please email it to me.  See past posts:

Hello Kitty Cake Inspiration
Hello Kitty Cake Inspiration Part 2
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Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Please include in your email what name you would like credited for the cake.  If you would like your name to link to a website, just include that too and I’d be happy to send some Hello Kitty fans your way. 🙂

Win a Hello Kitty Prize from Sparkle Bee

To announce their special launch on Facebook and Twitter, Sparkle Bee is hosting a giveaway.  All you have to do is go to to find your favorite product.  Then, post on their wall what product you’d like the most and why.  They will randomly select a winner on March 11th!!

According to their rules, they are giving away an item every 2 weeks throughout spring.  Good luck!

Here are examples of what you can win:

hello kitty sandwich maker

hello kitty laptop sleeve

hello kitty table lamp

Hello Kitty x BabyLegs

babylegs and hello kittyJust yesterday, it was announced that BabyLegs and Sanrio have formed a partnership to bring Hello Kitty socks, tights and all other popular BabyLegs leg and arm warmers to stores this summer.
You can pre-order at Or, you can wait until they’re ready and order from or They’ll also be available at some department stores, specialty stores and select Sanrio stores. Pricesl are from $10 – $18 US.
In the fall, BabyLegs will also have My Melody, Badtz-Maru and Little Twin Stars products out too.
Personally, I think they’re adorable but not too overdone at least from the release photo. I think most girls (or at least their mom’s) wouldn’t want anything too busy.
By the way, if you love Hello Kitty socks/tights, you can also go to H&M.

Sanrio Foundation

sanrio foundationI think it’s wonderful when a company lends money, their name or anything else they can to worthy causes. I’m happy to post the following press release from the Sanrio Foundation to spread the news of their charitable contribution to hospitals all over the world.

As a mom, I know that when my child is sick, often he’ll cuddle his teddy bear or tiger. And, whenever we’ve had to go to the children’s hospital, that the decoration really adds to the feeling of calm and safety a child (and their parents) feel when they’re there.  I love that Sanrio it donating money, time and gifts for patients.

Here’s the official pres release:

Sanrio is proud to announce that in October 2010 the Sanrio Foundation was established.

The main mission of Sanrio Foundation is to bring smiles and help to children in hospitals around the world.

Sanrio Foundation brings Hello Kitty mascot and other Sanrio characters to the hospitals, where theyinteract with little patients by distributing small gifts, taking pictures and even organising birthdaycelebrations for the most needing ones.

In the more underprivileged countries, Sanrio Foundation supports the hospitals themselves by donatingthe primary necessities and essential products. The image of Sanrio’s characters is also given free to thehospitals to decorate children’s rooms and spaces or producing social purpose products. Anything to makechildren’s stay at the hospital less painful.

Sanrio Foundation will operate in different countries working with local charity organisations to reach thebiggest possible number of hospitals as well as collaborating on common projects, fund‐raisings and socialactivities.

Sanrio Foundation has moved its first steps in 2010 by visiting the hospitals in Italy, Romania and Ukraine.

Roberto Lanzi, the President of the Foundation declares: “I will be thankful to Sanrio for all my life for givingme the possibility of taking care of the Foundation. I have been active in charity since I was 15 and, pleasebelieve me, there is nothing in our life that can you give you more satisfaction than this, no cars, boats,watches and money can give us more than a smile of a kid.”

Sanrio has been involved in many different charity programmes over the years. The structure of thecompany as social communication business as well as its philosophy “Small Gift Big Smile” show howimportant for Sanrio is bringing smiles and spreading happiness. Hello Kitty, the most popular Sanrio character has been a Unicef ambassador and friend of children since 1983.

Sanrio Foundation would like to thank all for the support received so far and it hopes to be able to bringsmiles to all needing children with even more subsidy.

Hello Kitty hospital tour