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So Adorable Hello Kitty Birthday Supplies at Wal-Mart

If you’ve ever thought of having a Hello Kitty party, it’s always a challenge to find birthday supplies.  I was at Wal-Mart near the Seattle Outlet Mall and was happy to see a huge variety of adorable Hello Kitty birthday party supplies.  The prices were really reasonable too.

hello kitty birthday supplies:  plates, napkins

hello kitty birthday supplies - plates, cups

hello kitty birthday supplies - loot bags, blowoutss

hello kitty birthday supplies - ribbon

hello kitty birthday supplies - cards

hello kitty birthday supplies - stickers

And, for those mommies out there who want to save a bit, take a look at these Kitty birthday ideas:

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Goodies (pics from Target in Burlington, WA)
Christina’s Hello Kitty Party (a creative mom’s Hello Kitty birthday party pics plus some party planning ideas)
Flowers Everywhere Hello Kitty Doll (probably the best homemade Hello Kitty birthday gift I’ve ever seen!)

Hello Kitty in France

A close friend of mine moved to France for a year (yes, I’m jealous but also very excited for her!).  She sweetly took some pictures of Hello Kitty for me there.

Does anyone know who Tara McPherson is?

hello kitty x tara mcpherson

Hello Kitty Figurines – Mes Amis (My Friends)

hello kitty figurines - mes amis

hello kitty container 1

hello kitty container

I think I may have seen Hello Kitty figurines like this at Aberdeen a few months ago…

hello kitty figurines

hello kitty fishing stickers

hello kitty and mimi figurines

This looks so retro 80’s to me.

hello kitty retro garbage can

Hello Kitty x Michael’s Craft Store

Happy new year!  I have taken a long break from my blog since around Christmas.  But, I’m back with some Hello Kitty photos from my trip to Michael’s…probably the BEST craft store out there!  They have an aisle dedicated to discounted items and there were lots of Hello Kitty goodies there.

Lots of stuff was only $1.50 Canadian.  The most expensive item was around $7.00.  I was at the Michael’s on Marine Drive, Burnaby.

hello kitty bag

hello kitty stickers

Hello kitty sticker sheets

hello kitty stationery

hello kitty puzzles

hello kitty note pads

hello kitty stamps

hello kitty color roll

Hello Kitty Ladybug Card

I made this Hello Kitty card for a classmate of son’s for her 4th birthday. I have definitely become addicted to making simple, cute little cards for birthdays. I also have a ton of origami to use so I can probably make cards for the next several years without having to buy much…a colour printer is a big help too!

hello kitty ladybug birthday card

Here’s another card I made:

pochacco birthday card

Hello Kitty at Macy’s

I found lots of Hello Kitty girls clothing and accessories at Macy’s while I was in Seattle.  If you’ve never been to a Macy’s department store in the US, usually in the kids section you’ll find some Kitty clothes and a display of some Hello Kitty products.  Usually you’ll find things like stationery, jewelry and bags.  First, here are some of the accessories and tomorrow, I’ll post all the cute clothes.

hello kitty bracelet

hello kitty scrapbook

hello kitty hair accessories

hello kitty gaming kit

hello kitty doodle messenger bag

hello kitty chain

hello kitty camera kit

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Goodies

I just got back from Burlington and Seattle in the US. I took lots of Hello Kitty pictures which I’ll be posting over the next while. My first stop was at Target in Burlington. Here are photos of items you could use for a Hello Kitty Birthday Party including: invitations, gift bags (and cute stuff to put in them), plates and more.

hello kitty party invitations

hello kitty party pocket plates

hello kitty party plates napkins

hello kitty gift bags

I found these boxes in the clearance section of Target.  I think they would make a great alternative to gift bags:

hello kitty boxes side

hello kitty boxes top

hello kitty candy characters

It’s hard to tell but these are Hello Kitty compact mirrors:

hello kitty compact mirrors

I also found these in the clearance section too.  Guess what all the girls in my 4 year old’s class are getting in their Christmas goody bag? 🙂

hello kitty stationery

Win a Hello Kitty Calendar!

hello kitty calendar by Personalise.comGreat news, you can win a Hello Kitty calendar courtesy of just by posting a comment below.  The contest is open until the end of November 2010 so it’ll be like an early Christmas present in December.

This contest is only open to UK Residents.

I’ll do a random draw of whoever has posted and post the winner on my blog.

If you want to learn more about the Hello Kitty calendars and the company’s greeting cards, see my post:

Personalized Hello Kitty Calendars and Cards

Good luck!! 🙂

Personalized Hello Kitty Calendars and Cards

I just learned about a great UK site that offers personalized Hello Kitty Calendars and Cards. Also, they’ve offered 20% off your first calendar or card if you order by Nov. 11th! Just use promo code: PERS1HK1

In the calendar, the pictures are kawaii of course with Kitty playing the snow, surfing, etc.  Your can enter any important dates on it and add names on certain pages.  It costs £17.99 and measures 30 cm x 42 cm (approx. 12″ x 17″). Here’s a preview:

hello kitty calendar

I also saw 2 Hello Kitty birthday cards you can customize too for £3.50. Have a look.

hello kitty greeting cards

If you order by 1pm, they ship same day. Great if you’re in a big hurry to get a gift to someone. Note that they only ship to the UK.

Thanks to the team at for letting me know about their product and promotion!

Make a Hello Kitty Photo Book

I was looking around the Sanrio site when I found something so kawaii I wanted to share it. You can create your own personalized Hello Kitty photo book by Kodak! All you do is upload your photos and you easily create a 20 page photo album. It’s 9 x 10.25″ in size. Best of all, I saw it on sale for $22.49 (regular $29.99).

hello kitty photo book inside

I’m already thinking of who I could give this to!  My sister-in-law loves Hello Kitty and she just had a daughter…hmmm maybe a Christmas gift. 🙂

Marie’s Hello Kitty Book

Last year, I wrote about Marie Y. Moss’ writing a Hello Kitty book where we Hello Kitty fans could contribute –> see Want to be Part of Hello Kitty Book?

This week I got a copy of the her book Hello Kitty Sweet, Happy, Fun Book! As soon as I got it, two of my friends/co-workers and I couldn’t help taking a look. It’s full of kawaii photos of Hello Kitty goodies and write-ups. I really liked the historical pages where it shows you a timeline of Hello Kitty. The 128 page book also comes with an iron on picture of Hello Kitty to put on a shirt and some Kitty stickers.

Inside the book, there are also write-ups with tons of photos of Hello Kitty products (from unique memory sticks to the typical stationery).  It also showcases fun things to see in the world of Hello Kitty like her giant balloon and statue of her.  I also loved that they showcased who I think is one of the most amazing Hello Kitty fans Marie of (I love her blog!) and also the top kitty on the Hello Kitty Junkies Ning Group. Hope every Kitty fan gets a chance to check out the book!

You can buy it in Canada for $21.95 at

You can buy it in the US for $21.56 at

hello kitty:  sweet, happy, fun book

hello kitty:  sweet, happy, fun book

This page is about me! 🙂 See below:

hello kitty:  sweet, happy, fun book


hello kitty:  sweet, happy, fun book

hello kitty:  sweet, happy, fun book

hello kitty:  sweet, happy, fun book