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Hello Kitty Toys That Make Me Nostalgic for Japan

When I was 5 and 10 years old, I went to Japan.  It’s like being in cute heaven at some of the stores I went too.  These toys, especially the Hello Kitty figurine toys totally remind me of that time. I think I was at Wal-Mart in Burlington when I took these pics.  Enjoy!


hello kitty bubble maker

hello kitty toy - sweet desserts

hello kitty toys - clown school

Hello Kitty in France

A close friend of mine moved to France for a year (yes, I’m jealous but also very excited for her!).  She sweetly took some pictures of Hello Kitty for me there.

Does anyone know who Tara McPherson is?

hello kitty x tara mcpherson

Hello Kitty Figurines – Mes Amis (My Friends)

hello kitty figurines - mes amis

hello kitty container 1

hello kitty container

I think I may have seen Hello Kitty figurines like this at Aberdeen a few months ago…

hello kitty figurines

hello kitty fishing stickers

hello kitty and mimi figurines

This looks so retro 80’s to me.

hello kitty retro garbage can

Hello Kitty Plush Store Display

At Aberdeen Mall, I saw what could only be described as a gloriously, kawaii display of Hello Kitty plushes in the window of a store.  While my son was pulling me toward the kids play area, I managed to take a few photos.

aberdeen hello kitty store display

aberdeen hello kitty store display

I actually found the Hello Kitty bunny from 3 posts ago sitting in the window too:

aberdeen hello kitty store display

If Hello Kitty Was a Bunny

With Easter approaching, I thought it would be fun to find  as many Hello Kitty dolls dressed up as bunnies as I could. I have also given each one a unique name. Tell me which one you like the best and if you have your own Hello Kitty bunny, feel free to post it in your comments or email it to me. 🙂

Hello Kitty Bunny Cotton Candy Machine Mishap
hello kitty bunny cotton candy mishap
Courtesy of

Hello Kitty Bunny Super Cuddley Baby
hello kitty bunny super cuddley baby
Courtesy of

Hello Kitty Bunny Accidentally Got Into the Washing Machine
hello kitty bunny accidentally got in  the washing machine
Courtesy of

Retro 80’s Hello Kitty Workout Bunny
hello kitty bunny retro 80's
Courtesy of

Hello Kitty Bunny Heart to Heart Friends
hello kitty bunny heart to heart friends
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Reading a Book While Relaxing on My Hello Kitty Bunny Pillow
hello kitty bunny pillow

Hello Kitty Blindbox Figures at Urban Outfitters

I saw on Urban Outfitters’ website these Hello Kitty Blindbox figures.  I think they’re awesome, although I’m not so keen on how they market it as blindbox.  It reminds me of my son’s last birthday party where I bought tons of Disney Cars toys from a nearby vending machine.  Each child got one and wouldn’t you know it, 1/3 were of the same toy.

The Hello Kitty Blindbox figures sell for $8.00 US at  They’re about 3″ or 7.5 cm tall.  This is series 3 and it contains 10 different Hello Kitty figures.

All photos are courtesy of

hello kitty blindbox figures from

hello kitty blindbox figures from

hello kitty blindbox figures from

hello kitty blindbox figures from

Hello Kitty Monopoly

I remember playing Monopoly as a kid back when all the boards were US centric.  Nowadays, you can find Monopoly versions based on different cities like Vancouver (where I live) and different tv shows.  Now, there’s even a Hello Kitty Monopoly.  I saw this at Urban Outfitters.

hello kitty monopoly game

Hello Kitty x Toys R Us, Part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures from my trip to Seattle and visiting a nearby Toys R Us.  Lots of Hello Kitty cuteness there!

hello kitty jewelry armoire

hello kitty face bag

hello kitty clocks and electronics

These are Hello Kitty bracelet walkie talkies:

hello kitty bracelet walkie talkies

This is like a Hello Kitty beauty store in a box:

hello kitty accessories

hello kitty beauty shop

hello kitty bags

Hello Kitty x Toys R Us, Part 1

Here are the last 2 batches of Hello Kitty pictures I took on my trip to Seattle. I think this was toward Bellevue but I can’t remember.  Anyways, unlike in the Vancouver Toys R Us stores, at this one there is a whole one side of an aisle dedicated to Hello Kitty.  Plus, it’s way cheaper!

My favourite has to be the Hello Kitty slumber party kit.  Love it!

hello kitty slumber party pack

hello kitty technology

hello kitty night light

This was another one of my favourites.  I could see someone with a college dorm room having this Hello Kitty mini fridge:

hello kitty mni fridge

hello kitty mini garden plush

hello kitty microphone karaoke systems and lavalamp

hello kitty water dispenser

Where to find Hello Kitty Devil Doll?

A Hello Kitty fan contacted me and is asking for your help.  She’s looking for this Hello Kitty Devil plush doll.  If you’ve seen it or know where to get it, please post a comment below to help a kitty fan out.  Thanks! 🙂

hello kitty plush little devil


Hello Kitty Halloween Dolls

Yesterday, I did a double-take when I saw these kawaii Hello Kitty dolls at Hallmark in Champlain Square.

hello kitty witch doll for halloween

If that’s not Halloween cute enough, here’s a Hello Kitty pumpkin doll I found on

hello kitty pumpkin doll for halloween

If you’ve got some spooky pictures of Hello Kitty, please email them to me so I can share them with our fellow Hello Kitty fans.

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