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House of Kitty Store — 50% Off Starting July 13

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that my online store House of Kitty (update:  store is closed now) is closing down. This blog is still going to stay up so please keep coming back! 🙂

The sale starts at 10 am Pacific Standard Time on July 13, 2009. Everything will be 50% off.

hello kitty 50_percent off  everything starting july 13

Hello Kitty Baby Bear Product Line

The last time I had to buy Hello Kitty items for our store, we got this pamphlet on a line called Hello Kitty Baby Bear and all I wanted to do was order tons of it!  I’m completely biased toward baby stuff because I’m a mommy. Ironically I can’t buy any of it for myself because I have a son and he’s a bit too old anyways (almost 3). My nieces though, heheh, be ready for some Hello Kitty love.

hello kitty baby bear dishware set
$23.99 Cdn at the House of Kitty Store

hello kitty baby bear diaper bag
$54.50 Cdn at the House of Kitty Store

hello kitty baby bear die cut bib
$9.95 Cdn at the House of Kitty Store

hello kitty baby bear die cut bib pink
$9.95 Cdn at the House of Kitty Store

hello kitty baby bear bib and towel gift set
$60.99 Cdn at the House of Kitty Store

hello kitty baby bear pull down musical plush
$28.00 US at the Sanrio Store

hello kitty baby bear toddler backpack
$19.50 US at the Sanrio Store

hello kitty baby bear baton
$8.50 US at the Sanrio Store

Hello Kitty Product Displays

For our online store House of Kitty, we got a few cute Hello Kitty products displays and I thought it was too bad no one would see them on our store.  So, here they are:

hello kitty product display - letter sets

hello kitty product display - stamps

hello kitty product display - heart stampers

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What Happens When A Hello Kitty Shipment Arrives

I’ve got a Hello Kitty online store and thought I’d write about what it’s like.

On Monday I picked up 3 boxes of Hello Kitty products. I have to admit this is one of my favourite moments…opening up each box and seeing everything. When I order products, most of the items I choose just have a small thumbnail image so I’m guessing at the size of things.  There were a few surprises.  The wallets were bigger than I guessed. The 5-rollers-in-1 stampers were smaller than I thought. I really bought a lot of stampers this time!

hello kitty stampers

Anyways, it takes a long time to go through everything.  I have to 1) check to make sure nothing is damaged, 2) makes sure we get the correct amounts of each item, 3) take pictures of each item, 4) weigh each item for the online shipping calculator and 5) measure each item so customers know what size they’re getting and also for shipping estimates.

My theory is if I were to buy online, I’d want as much info as possible to make the right purchase decision.  I find a lot of sites just show one picture at one angle.  I prefer to take pictures from lots of angles.  For instance, if you were thinking of buying a bag wouldn’t you look at it from all different sides, look inside and then see how many pockets there are for your things?  I definitely would! Where would I put my cell phone, my keys, etc.?!

Anyways, after the initial 5 steps, I usually take the photos and clean them up so the background looks nicer. Then, I post the items on the store and figure out pricing.

Because I’m short on time, I’ll be releasing items in batches so make sure you check out my store at House of Kitty (update:  the store is now closed). Here’s a sneak peek at some of the products. 🙂

I love the cell phone stand and the string of lights!  Definitely 2 of my favourites.

hello kitty products

We get lots of questions of cookie cutters, so here’s a new one!

hello kitty products

Last order, we got some extra pamphlets for new Hello Kitty baby items.  Here’s a few that we bought:

hello kitty products

My attempt at an artistic pic:
hello kitty die cut mugs

Update: If you like the mugs above, I found a place that sells them except with a red bow. You can find them at J-List here. 🙂

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Buying for a Hello Kitty Store is Harder Than You Think…Seriously!

I just got the next Hello Kitty catalog and it’s a huge dose of kitty in one go! If you don’t know me, I have a small Hello Kitty online store at It’s actually just so people at my software company I work for have a better understanding of what our customers (web store owners) go through.

Anyways, it’s like 49 pages long and every page has 36 items on them! The pics are tiny too (about 1 inch by 1/2 inch). Can you imagine looking at so many Hello Kitty things…ok maybe some of you are salivating. 😉 It’s really, REALLY hard to figure out what Hello Kitty shoppers will buy. Because it’s a test store, we usually only buy a few thousand dollars worth of stuff every few months and low quantities of each, so I can’t buy everything.

In case you’re curious, I do get some insight from other girls in the office who like Hello Kitty. I also use Google Analytics (i.e. see what items get viewed the most on our store) and see what’s sold in the past.

I bet lots of you would love to be in my shoes. Honestly, it’s pretty awesome to get to look at everything. The best is probably the new product releases because they get a special separate catalog where you can actually see things larger size.