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Hello Kitty Jack-o-lantern

Even though Halloween is over, I wanted to share this super cute Hello Kitty jack-o-lantern that was emailed to me. What an amazing job by Steve of Chadds Ford, PA!

hello kitty jack-o-lantern

Hello Kitty “Oban” Coin

hello kitty coin - obanPeople have fallen in love with Hello Kitty coins that are real currency! Can you believe it? In the Taito Ward district of Tokyo you can buy and these silver coins for 950 Yen ($10.20 US) and use them to go shopping. You save a little too as the Hello Kitty coins are worth 1,000 Yen at shops. The coins look a lot like money from the 16th and 17th century.

Replica gold coins have also been created with Kitty’s image, but made to resemble a Kanei Tsuho coin minted during the Edo Period (1603-1867). These gold Hello Kitty coins cost 475 Yen and let you buy goods worth 500 Yen.

The coins are available until April 25th at Kaminarimon gate and other tourist spots.


Three Apples Hello Kitty Exhibition, Culver City CA

I would absolutely love to go to the Three Apples Hello Kitty exhibition in honour of Hello Kitty’s 35th anniversary.  It’s being held in Culver City, California from October 23rd to November 15th.  Here’s what they’re showcasing:

  • a gallery of Hello Kitty collaborations with 60+ contemporary artists like Gary Baseman (Hello Kitty x MIMOBOT).
  • a Hello Kitty apartment full of Hello Kitty products.
  • a retrospective gallery of iconic Hello Kitty products since she was created in 1974 to today including her collaborations with big names like Betsey Johnson, Paul Frank, Tokidoki and MAC. It will also have a section on stuff that was only available in Japan.
  • several special Hello Kitty events including a Halloween party, movie nights, Kitty breakfasts and Hello Kitty’s birthday bash. Events are FREE!!

At the exhibition, there will of course be tons and tons of Hello Kitty merchandise including limited edition prints and 35th anniversary commemorative products.

Learn more at:

three apples hello kitty exhibition

Giant Hello Kitty Paper Maché

I thought this was so creative — a giant Hello Kitty paper maché. The Flickr image said “Hello Evangelion Kitty.” I did some digging and I think it might be Hello Kitty meshed with the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. If anyone knows if that’s right, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Courtesy of lazysupper

Hello Kitty Sweets Shop

A must for any Hello Kitty fan is to visit Hello Kitty Sweets. It’s a restaurant dedicated to Hello Kitty including adorable decor and food. It’s located at:

Hello Kitty Sweets
No. 90, Da An Road, Sec. 1
(near intersection of Da An Road and Zhong Xiao E Road, Sec 4)
Zhong Xiao/FuXing MRT

Here’s a picture of the Hello Kitty Sweets front:

hello kitty sweets shop
Courtesy of EssG

Here are some pictures of the interior:

hello kitty sweets interior
Courtesy of alberth2

hello kitty sweets tables
Courtesy of vita

Here are some of the Hello Kitty yummies from the restaurant:

hello kitty sweets dessert
Courtesy of CeciliaC

hello kitty sweets tart
Courtesy of vita

hello kitty sweets drink
Courtesy of CeciliaC

The restaurant serves pastries as well as regular food. Also, I’ve heard you should make a reservation before going because it gets really busy.

Hello Kitty Strawberry and Strawberry House Shop

Strawberries have been my favorite food for a long time…probably started when my family would go strawberry picking every June.  One for me, one for the bucket.  Anyways, here’s some Hello Kitty happiness for anyone who likes strawberries and Hello Kitty!

hello kitty strawberry plush

hello kitty strawberry plushes
Lain Lain Plushie Paradise

hello kitty strawberry lip balm

hello kitty magnet face with strawberries

hello kitty strawberry key cap
love janine

This is a shop called Ichigo no Ouchi or Strawberry House which was built by Sanrio. I read here that this store features 2 floors of Sanrio goods and the 3rd floor, the Strawberry Room, is adorned with strawberry lights, mirrors, cupboards, tables and pillows. The staff sing and tell stories too kind of like a kids class. It sounds like such a fun experience for kids or people who are still kids at heart.

strawberry house shop
2-49-2 Den-en Chofu, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Hello Kitty Cart

I saw this at the Hello Kitty Sightings blog and wanted to pass on this picture of a Hello Kitty Cart. I bet this would make shopping with a toddler so much easier and cuter too to boot!

hello kitty cart

Hello Kitty Villa in Taipei

For the hardcore Hello Kitty fan, you will love this Hello Kitty villa in Taipei. A little too Hello Kitty and pink for me but a lot of fun to look at. 🙂

hello kitty villa in taipei
Courtesy of joanneteh_32

hello kitty villa living room
Courtesy of joanneteh_32

hello kitty villa bedroom
Courtesy of joanneteh_32

Hello Kitty in Lights

These pictures were taken at Universal Studios in Japan at the Magical Starlight Parade. If you would like to see more, check out the photostream of Nemo’s great uncle

hello kitty in lights
Courtesy of Nemo’s great uncle

hello kitty in lights
Courtesy of Nemo’s great uncle

The Super Hello Kitty Jewel Doll

To celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday, Sanrio with jewelry makers Swarvoski and I.K. showed off this glamorous Kitty figurine at the Baselworld watch and jewelry show in Switzerland.

Super Hello Kitty Jewel Dol
Courtesy of Getty Images

The Hello Kitty jewel doll is make up of:

  • 1.027ct diamond on her ribbon
  • 403-piece pink sapphires on her body
  • black spinels on her eyes
  • a citrine on her yellow nose
  • 1,939-piece white topaz on her head

She is 10.5cm tall and weighs 569g.  For “just” 15 million yen, she could be yours. 😉