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Hello Kitty at Target

At Target, you can get adorable Hello Kitty clothes and accessories for little girls (I’m sure many mommies already know this!). I took some photos at the Target in Bellingham a short time ago.  I think the Hello Kitty swimsuits are the most kawaii.  Not too over the top, at least to me. 😉

hello kitty swimsuit in pink

hello kitty swimsuit

hello kitty shirt - peace and love

hello kitty shirt - love

hello kitty bag pink

Hello Kitty Toys That Make Me Nostalgic for Japan

When I was 5 and 10 years old, I went to Japan.  It’s like being in cute heaven at some of the stores I went too.  These toys, especially the Hello Kitty figurine toys totally remind me of that time. I think I was at Wal-Mart in Burlington when I took these pics.  Enjoy!


hello kitty bubble maker

hello kitty toy - sweet desserts

hello kitty toys - clown school

So Adorable Hello Kitty Birthday Supplies at Wal-Mart

If you’ve ever thought of having a Hello Kitty party, it’s always a challenge to find birthday supplies.  I was at Wal-Mart near the Seattle Outlet Mall and was happy to see a huge variety of adorable Hello Kitty birthday party supplies.  The prices were really reasonable too.

hello kitty birthday supplies:  plates, napkins

hello kitty birthday supplies - plates, cups

hello kitty birthday supplies - loot bags, blowoutss

hello kitty birthday supplies - ribbon

hello kitty birthday supplies - cards

hello kitty birthday supplies - stickers

And, for those mommies out there who want to save a bit, take a look at these Kitty birthday ideas:

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Goodies (pics from Target in Burlington, WA)
Christina’s Hello Kitty Party (a creative mom’s Hello Kitty birthday party pics plus some party planning ideas)
Flowers Everywhere Hello Kitty Doll (probably the best homemade Hello Kitty birthday gift I’ve ever seen!)

Can I buy Hello Kitty items direct from Japan?

I know it irks me sometimes when you can get really unique Hello Kitty products but only in Japan. But, it looks like someone has found a neat idea to fix that.  I just heard about  It’s a shopping site where all the products are from sellers in Japan (just everyday people) who are proficient in English.

Here are a few items that caught my eye (if the link doesn’t work, the item is probably not listed anymore):

Hello Kitty iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock – I just think this is so slick and cute looking at the same time.

hello kitty ipod or iphone speaker dock

Hello Kitty:  Gahapin x Mukku Pouch

hello kitty gachapin x mukku pouch

Hello Kitty Nori (Seaweed Snacks) – I love these!  My son and I are addicted to snacking on nori.  We always have some in the car!

hello kitty nori

Hello Kitty Motorcycle Girl

For those of you who love Hello Kitty and own a motorcycle, scooter or moped, you’re going to love these Hello Kitty helmets my friend sent me pics of from France.

hello kitty helmet pink

hello kitty helmets

hello kitty helmet black

Hello Kitty Canucks Fan?

I knew it…Hello Kitty is a Vancouver Canucks fan!  Go Canucks Go!! 😉

hello kitty canucks

For those of you unfamiliar with hockey, it’s the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Canucks are in round 2 right now.  You have to play best out of seven games against 4 different teams.

Hello Kitty in France

A close friend of mine moved to France for a year (yes, I’m jealous but also very excited for her!).  She sweetly took some pictures of Hello Kitty for me there.

Does anyone know who Tara McPherson is?

hello kitty x tara mcpherson

Hello Kitty Figurines – Mes Amis (My Friends)

hello kitty figurines - mes amis

hello kitty container 1

hello kitty container

I think I may have seen Hello Kitty figurines like this at Aberdeen a few months ago…

hello kitty figurines

hello kitty fishing stickers

hello kitty and mimi figurines

This looks so retro 80’s to me.

hello kitty retro garbage can

Hello Kitty Color-A-Cookie

I just learned about a really fun Hello Kitty product called Hello Kitty Color-a-Cookie kit.  You get a kawaii Hello Kitty Cookie and markers to decorate your cookie.

This would be an awesome activity for a Hello Kitty birthday party…not that I needed to mention that to any mommies out there! 😉

According to Color-A-Cookies, they are available at supermarkets, convenience stores and gourmet stores all over the USA.  Typical retail prices are around $1.99 US.

If you’re interested in buying wholesale, you can contact Color-A-Cookie directly.

Hello Kitty Color-A-Cookie Kit

Or, you can buy a pack of 4 for

Hello Kitty Color-A-Cookie Kit

Hello Kitty Decorated Cookies

Hello Kitty at Zara

Last weekend, I was at Zara on Robson Street (in Vancouver) and was surprised to find out they have some Hello Kitty clothes…just for junior girls.

In particular, I thought the junior girls’ Hello Kitty bras would be a nice introduction for a young girl transitioning to becoming a little lady.

hello kitty zara underclothes

hello kitty zara underwear 1

hello kitty zara underwear 2

hello kitty zara swimsuit

hello kitty zara flip flops

Hello Kitty Candies at Granville Island

At Granville Island, there’s a small candy shop that’s really old school. I mean you can scoop us some candies, put them in a bag and it gets weighed. Then, you get charged based on that. Love it! Anyways, while I was getting a few chewy candies for my son, I saw these Hello Kitty candies including 2 adorable pez dispensers (yet another throwback to my youth).

hello kitty candy

hello kitty pez