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Hello Kitty Airport Lounge

Earlier I wrote about EVA Air’s Hello Kitty airplane, well, it turns out they also have a special Hello Kitty airport lounge too at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. As a girl, I just think cute, cute, cute! But, I can just imagine the downward psychological spiral felt by some of the men. First, they get a boarding pass with Hello Kitty on it. “That’s not so bad.” They get to the airport, the gate area is decorated with Hello Kitty. “Hmm, this is a bit odd.” They board the plane where they have no where to escape. “Kill me now! No, wait, then all my guy friends will know I was on this plane. ”

Hello Kitty Airport Lounge
Courtesy of SkylineGTR

Hello Kitty Airport Lounge
Courtesy of yummyporky