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The Best Most Adorable Hello Kitty Make-Up and Accessories at Sephora

I went photo crazy while I was at Sephora at Pacific Centre Mall (downtown Vancouver) because they had the most adorable Hello Kitty stand full of Hello Kitty make-up, nail polish, bags and more!

hello kitty at sephora - make-up, accessories

hello kitty at sephora - make-up

hello kitty at sephora - make-up pencils

hello kitty at sephora - nail polish

hello kitty at sephora - make-up

hello kitty at sephora - mirror

hello kitty at sephora - nail art stickers

hello kitty at sephora - make-up bag

Hello Kitty x Sephora

Sephora had an exciting Hello Kitty private sale to Beauty Insiders last weekend (sigh…wish I knew earlier). Below is a peak at what was sold. The good news is if you missed the preview like me, the full launch is just a few weeks away.

The look is very sophisticated and chic, but still adorably Hello Kitty.

hello kitty at sephora

Hello Kitty at Toys R Us – Winter 2009

I was at Toys R Us last weekend and saw a bunch of Hello Kitty dolls, toys and kits. If you’re thinking of buying some Kitty for Christmas, Toys R Us has only a few items at least in Vancouver. I’d recommend going to a Sanrio Store, Urban Outfitters or Target. Or, if you have time, you can always order online (I love this option!!).

Here’s what I saw:

hello kitty doll in kimono hello kitty doll

hello kitty lamb doll hello kitty with apple doll

hello kitty cooking show toy

hello kitty cosmetics case

hello kitty cosmetics case inside

hello kitty tangerine clip