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Hello Kitty Luggage

So many times people have asked me where can I find Hello Kitty luggage. Well, I was at a Sanrio Store in Alderwood Mall (Lynnwood, WA) and found some perfectly cute pieces.

hello kitty luggage

hello kitty luggage

Hello Kitty Lifesize Figures at Stores

I love Sanrio stores that have a big Hello Kitty figure welcoming you to the store. They usually have a fun playful aspect to them and well, are of course super adorably cute! Some of them have a theme while others just spread some cheer.

hello kitty store figure guardian
Courtesy of Nemo’s great uncle

hello kitty store figure traveler
Courtesy of morethanreal

hello kitty store figure panda
Courtesy of ferrando

hello kitty store figure in kimono
Courtesy of cactusbeetroot

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Hello Kitty Christmas Lifesize Dolls

At a store in Japan, a lifesize Hello Kitty doll spreads some Christmas cheer kitty style to her store.

hello kitty christmas doll lifesize
Courtesy of Tavallai

At another store, Hello Kitty can’t help welcoming people to her store.

hello kitty christmas doll in cape lifesize
Courtesy of JanneM

Hello Kitty Looking Festive Japanese Style

Here’s a photo of a large Hello Kitty figure in a happi. Happis are mainly worn during Japanese festivals or if you’ve ever gone to a Japanese restaurant, you may have seen them worn by the sushi chefs.

hello kitty looking festive japanese style
Courtesy of iNk*